Lego lover

My name is Andrej. I’m a 36 years old Lego enthusiast from Slovakia. I got my first Lego Technic set back in 1997 when I was 9 years old (you can see the exact model below). I was on vacation at seaside in Croatia together with my brother and my parents. One day my father took us on a small trip to an Italian city called Trieste and he bought small Lego Technic sets as a gift for both of us: me and my brother. Yes, of course we had owned other Lego models even earlier, but that one was special because it had been my first Lego Technic set. Since then I have started to be interested particularly in Lego Technic. I also studied car design at a university. You can see all Lego sets that I own here.

My first Lego Technic set

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