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Lego Web Games

Do you know a child who would not love to play with Legos? At least when I was a little boy, it was one of our favorite things to do and for some people that passion for Lego continues also in their adulthood. For children, there are definitely a lot of physical as well as mental benefits of playing with Lego, such as training their fine motor skills and strength in fingers, developing logic, problem-solving skills and creativity or even improving social skills, teamwork and communication abilities. And for us adults, it is a chance to switch off from our worries and stress and immerse ourselves in a state of flow, at least for a while.

The creators of Lego web games are certainly aware of the love and passion that many of us have for Lego. But are there any of the benefits compared to real-life Lego? Well, I believe Lego web games can still help us to relieve from stress and anxiety, as well as develop some skills such as logical thinking or problem-solving, or just practice our focus and concentration.

The Lego web games are simple and intuitive to play. What I consider to be a great advantage is that they do not require any downloads or installations. And what is more, they are free to play and will engage both little but also older children.

You can choose from building games such as Stacker, where the aim is to build cargo stacks; Lift-off, where you should build a spaceship; or you can build a town or city with Town Square and City Builder. You can also try to find your way out of the jungle with Jungle Chase.

If you like classic race games, where you should avoid obstacles and pick some rewards along the way, you can choose Abyss, where you become a pilot of a submarine; or Lil Plane, where you should collect coins and find your way in the sky. A very simple one is Scoot, with changing lines. Lil Wing is similar to Lil Plane, but in this case, you should help a little bird to fly around the world without being hurt. Little girls will probably fall in love with Heartlake Rush and its Olivia on the racetrack.

For some more brain engaging games, you can play Funky DOTS, where you should move the bricks to match them or try Bits and Bricks, where your task is to save the world of Cybit against TERAVIRUS by creating a program for Bit, the adventurous robot.

I am sure, you can easily find your favorite game, but there also some other options for online fun, so keep reading to learn more.

Chess and Sudoku

Probably most of you know the printed versions of sudoku and the standard wooden chess boards. However, with the rise of technology, there are now more opportunities than ever to play these classic games even online, which brings several advantages.


Chess Pieces - Chess Game


I honestly believe that playing these two games online does not diminish the benefits that they provide in the reality. Whether you are playing a game of chess with your friend online or in person, it will still improve your memory, strategic thinking and decision making. Sudoku, on the other hand, will help you develop logical reasoning and deduction. Both require higher mental cognitive activities and are therefore believed to help prevent brain degenerations such as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

Some people may argue that playing games on the internet causes us to spend less time with other people. This may be true, but on the other hand, playing chess with your friends online is still better than not meeting any friends at all. Especially during some critical situations, like for example a pandemic, the social contact online may help prevent anxiety and depression and help you keep your sanity.

Beside these rather serious topics, I would also like to mention that playing sudoku and chess online is very convenient and can be cheap as well. There are nowadays websites, which are free, such as, and So, if you have an internet connection, you do not need to buy anything else. It can be also a nice starting point, when you want to learn how to play chess and are not sure yet, whether you would like it or not and therefore you do not want to invest into a chessboard (which can be expensive).

Another huge benefit is that you can play sudoku or chess online anytime and anywhere. Because, let’s be honest, it is more probable that you will forget your keys when leaving your home, than your smartphone 😊. You do not even need an opponent in chess, you can play against the computer and choose the difficulty level that suits you the best. This also applies to sudoku, where you usually have easy, medium, hard and expert levels.

Whether you choose sudoku, or chess, you will have a lot of fun and you can enjoy an intellectually stimulating game, socialize with other people and develop your skills at the same time. In contrast, Lego web games are primarily based on luck and do not require as much strategic thinking. They may be fun for a short time, but in the long run, playing chess and sudoku online will provide more of a challenge and help you develop some of the important skills, which can be beneficial to you even in your academic or professional life.


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