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In this article, I will list and briefly review my selection of the 18 biggest Lego sets that you can buy. Please note that there are more Lego models that consist of high number of pieces but I have tried to choose something from different Lego categories. All the large Legos mentioned on this list are suitable for adults, too. Most of them are recommended for people who are at least 16 years old.

Also, if you like big Lego models with many technical functions, I recommend checking out my other article on this website in which I review the top 7 Lego Technic sets with motors. Most of the Technic models mentioned in that article are large kits with around 2,000 – 4,000 parts.

Now, let’s continue to my reviews:

1. Lego Art World Map 31203


Lego Art  World Map Largest Set in Number of Pieces


If you are looking for a unique world map to decorate your office or living room and you are also a big Lego fan, then you cannot miss this set, which is to date the largest LEGO set in number of pieces ever (11,695 pieces). The map is highly customable, you can arrange the continents to your liking and personalize the colors and patterns for the oceans. By scanning the QR code, you can listen to the unique soundtrack making your build more fun and enjoyable. The frame of the map is also brick-built, and the set comes with a hook to hang your map on the wall. With LEGO push pins, you can mark the places, where you have been or want to go to.

Dimensions: over 25.5 in. (65cm) high and 40.5 in. (104cm) wide

2. Lego Icons Titanic 10294


Lego Icons Titanic Large Set


With this set you can recreate probably the most famous ship in the world – the Titanic. When it was released in 2021, it was the largest LEGO set ever with impressive 9,090 pieces. The 1:200 scale model is an authentic replica of the real ship with many interesting details, such as the grand staircase known from the movie with Leonardo DiCaprio, the dining room in the first class, smoking and reading lounges, and may other cabins. In the exterior, there is the cargo crane, the promenade deck with benches, the iconic bridge, and other little details including the lifeboats and over 300 portholes. What is more, the ship comes with some interesting technical features, such as working propellers that can turn the piston engines inside. With the beautiful name plaque in front of it, the finished model would be an outstanding piece of decoration in the living room of any adult LEGO enthusiast.

Dimensions: over 17.5 in. (44cm) high, 53 in. (135cm) long and 6 in. (16cm) wide

3. Lego Creator Colosseum 10276


Biggest Lego Set in 2021


This is one of the biggest Lego sets with 9,036 pieces. It was released in November 2020 and it is an official adult Lego set, as it is recommended for people aged 18+. The model contains original features like olive trees and travertine paving stones. It also includes details like surviving archways. And it contains the arches in the Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian order as well.

The Colosseum model is 20.5″ (52 cm) wide, 10.5″ (27 cm) high, and 23.5″ (59 cm) deep. The instructions also include the history and design details of the Colosseum to inspire you. This Lego kit could be an ideal gift for anyone who likes ancient architecture, the Roman Empire, or Italian history. It will surely provide you with hours of relaxation if you like building Lego.

4. Lego Star Wars Millenium Falcon 75192


Biggest Star Wars Lego Set


This Lego Star Wars spaceship model is the second largest Lego set. It has 7,541 parts. There have been several Star Wars Millenium Falcon Lego sets released, but this one is from the Ultimate collector series and it is the largest one and the highest-valued one as well. It includes 7 minifigures too (the Star Wars movie characters): Fiin, Rey, Han Solo, Older Han Solo, Princess Leia, Chewbacca and C-3PO. The features of the starship include a cockpit with detachable canopy, lowering boarding ramp and removable hull panels. The dimensions of the final model are: 33 inches (84 cm) long, 22 inches (56 cm) wide and 8 inches (21 cm) tall. It is recommended for age 16+.

5. Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle 71043


Big Harry Potter Lego Model


I wanted to have something for Harry Potter fans on this list too, so here it is: the Hogwarts Castle Lego replica. Besides the castle building, it includes 4 Harry Potter movie figures: Salazar Slytherin, Godric Gryffindor, Rowena Ravenclaw and Helga Hufflepuff. It also includes 27 microfigures, the Whomping Willow, The Chamber of Secrets and more from the world of wizards. The castle’s highest tower is 22″ (58 cm) tall. The whole set consists of 6,020 pieces and is recommended for kids who are 16 years old or older. Also, this Lego set was awarded the 2019 Toy of the Year Awards (from The Toy Association).

6. Lego Harry Potter Diagon Alley 75978


Lego Harry Potter Diagon Alley


If you, or your kids, are a Harry Potter fan, this might be a must-have Lego set for you. It features Harry Potter’s world of the Diagon Alley. This epic Lego model includes six large colorful buildings, that measure over a meter in width. It also comes with 14 minifigures that represent the most well-known Harry Potter characters. They include, for example, Harry, Florean Fortescue, Gilderoy Lockhart, the Daily Prophet photographer, and Lucius Malfoy. You won’t find these particular minifigures (except Harry) anywhere else.

This Lego kit is ideal either for display or play. It could be an ideal gift for your older kids (this is a 16+ Lego set) or anyone who likes the Harry Potter movies. The whole model comes in 5,544 pieces and its dimensions are 40″ (102 cm) wide, 11″ (29 cm) high, and 5″ (13 cm) deep.

7. Lego Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer 75252


2nd Largest Star Wars Lego Set


This is the second large Star Wars Lego model on my list. Actually, it is the second largest Star Wars Lego set that has been released so far. It includes 4,784 pieces. With so many bricks, this model creates a memorable building experience. This giant Lego building kit represents a realistic replica of the Imperial Star Destroyer starship from the Star Wars opening scenes movie, A New Hope.

The model includes many details, e.g. intricate surface detailing or huge engine exhausts. It is ready for display, as it comes with a fact plaque and a display stand as well. And it also includes two minifugres; Imperial Crewmember and Imperial Officer. The final model is 43″ (109 cm) long, 17″ (44 cm) high and 26″ (66 cm) wide. It has really epic proportions that make it one of the largest Lego sets. If you are a Star Wars & Lego fan, you might also like to check out my other article that features some other, smaller Star Wars Lego sets.

8. Lego Creator Tower Bridge 10214


Lego Creator Tower Bridge


This Lego kit features the iconic London’s Tower Bridge that stretches over the River Thames. Besides the two towers and the bridge, this Lego model also comes with four miniature vehicles; a traditional red double-decker bus, a green automobile, a yellow truck, and a black London taxi.

Like the majority of the Lego sets, this one is compatible with other Lego sets as well. So, by combining it with other models, you or your kids can create virtually anything with Lego. The model comes in 4,287 bricks and the dimensions of the bridge model are 17″ (45 cm) high, 40″ (102 cm) long, and 10″ (26 cm) wide. It is recommended for older kids (or adults), that are at least 16 years old. If your partner (or your kids) like buildings and architecture, this would be an ideal gift for them.

9. Lego Creator Expert Roller Coaster 10261


Lego Big Roller Coaster


This Lego set features a model of a fully functional fairground Roller Coaster. It features two trains. Each one of them has three cars. It also includes 11 minifigures: 2 ride attendants, 5 riders, 2 grandparents with a granddaughter, and a cotton candy vendor.

This building kit is also compatible with Lego Power Functions (it can be motorized) and Lego Boost. It comes in 4,124 parts and is recommended for kids that are 16 years old or older. The final model is 34 inches (88 cm) wide, 20 inches (53 cm) high, and 16 inches (41 cm) deep. Combine this Lego set with other Lego models and create an amazing adventurous building experience for your kids.

10. Lego Technic Liebherr R 9800 Excavator 42100


Large Lego Liebherr Excavator Set


I will start off my list with a huge Lego Technic set, the Liebherr R 9800 Excavator vehicle. It features motorized functions and realistic features. You can drive it forwards and backwards, operate the bucket and boom and rotate the superstructure via the Lego Technic Control+ app. This Lego replica was designed in partnership with the Liebherr company. It contains 4 L motors and 3 XL motors. The building kit contains 4,108 bricks and is recommended for kids that are 12 years old or older. Or, this set is ideal for adult Lego fans too.

11. Lego Technic Rough Terrain Crane 42082


Lego Technic Set with Motors


If you are a fan of heavy construction vehicles, you will definitely like this Lego set, which contains more than four thousand Lego bricks and with which you can even build two different models as it is a 2-in-1 building kit. The first model is a Rough Terrain Crane, which represents the largest and tallest Lego Technic crane – in the working position the model is 39″ high, 25″ inches long and 10″ wide, in the driving position it is bit smaller. The second model is a Mobile Pile Driver. The set consists of 4,057 pieces.

The crane is made in a red and black color scheme and it has many amazing details like two opening compartments with tools, chains, fire extinguisher, V8 engine with moving pistons, adjustable wing mirrors and much more. The model requires batteries and if you activate the power functions you can operate the crane pretty easily. The whole model is stabilized by the stabilizer legs so even if you lift heavy things it will not fall apart.

12. Lego The Disney Castle 71040


Lego Disney Castle


This Lego model represents the Disney Castle that you can find in Disneyland. It features a wide arched entrance, spired towers, a detailed facade with a stone bridge, a golden-spired main tower that contains rooms (with assorted Disney-inspired elements and features), and ornate balconies. All these features represent authentic details of the Disney Castle that your kids will love.

It also includes 5 minifigures; Donald Duck with a classic outfit, Minnie Mouse with a red dress, Mickey Mouse with a tuxedo, Tinker Bell, and Daisy Duck with a pink skirt. It also includes a golden crown element and two frogs. This Lego model is recommended for kids aged 16+ and the castle is 18.8″ (48cm) wide, 29″ (74cm) high, and 12″ (31cm) deep. The total number of pieces in this building kit is 4,080.

13. Lego Creator Assembly Square 10255


Lego Assembly Square


Build this amazing downtown block and add it to your Lego collection. With a total number of 4,002 pieces, this building kit is another big Lego Creator set. The building has 3 floors and each one of them features different rooms. They include multiple shops, a dance studio, a dentist’s office, and a sidewalk with an outdoor cafeteria. The model includes eight minifigures; a photographer and a Lego fan, a florist, a baker, a barista, a dentist, and a baby figure.

This large Lego building kit is recommended for kids aged 16 years and up, like most of the sets mentioned on this list. The dimensions of this model are 14″ wide, 13″ high, and 9″ deep.

14. Lego Technic Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 42115


Lego Technic Lamborghini Sian Box


This building kit is perfect for lovers of huge Lego sets with many particles. This one contains 3,696 Lego bricks and you can build a perfectly detailed 1:8 model of Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 with all these particles. The model is 5″ high, 23″ long and 9″ wide. It is made in a ravishing lime-green color with golden tires. You will also definitely appreciate the packaging – the box looks luxurious and it contains exclusive collectors’ booklet mentioning behind-the-scenes information about the model.

This model is suited for people who love super sports cars. It has an eight-speed sequential transmission, which can be controlled by the movable paddle gearshift, movable rear spoiler, opening hoods, detailed disc brakes, V12 engine with moving pistons and a four-wheel drive. Furthermore, you can find a unique serial number under the hood with which you can get an access to exclusive online content. Also, if you want to see more big supercar Lego sets, check out my other article in which I have compared the the Porsche 911 GT3 RS with the Bugatti Chiron Lego set.

15. Lego Technic Bucket Wheel Excavator 42055


Big Lego Excavator Set


Next one on this list is another Lego Technic model (the first one in this list is from the Lego Technic theme too). It is a great Lego replica of a bucket wheel excavator that comes in 3,929 bricks. It is one of the largest Lego Technic sets. The motorized functions (power functions) of this set include rotating superstructure, rotating bucket wheel, reverse driving and moving conveyor belt. If you are a technical type, I recommend buying this particular Lego building kit.

16. Lego Creator Old Trafford – Manchester United 10272


Lego Creator Old Trafford Football Stadium


And here we have a Lego Creator Expert model, a replica of the Old Trafford, Manchester United’s football stadium. The scale in which this model represents the real stadium is 1:600. This building kit also features the statue of Sir Alex Ferguson or details like the Munich Clock. With this model, you can create an eye-catching display piece for your home work desk or your office table. The whole kit consists of 3,898 pieces. It is recommended for people 16 years old and older. The stadium model is 18” (47 cm) long, 6.5” (18.5 cm) high, and 15” (39 cm) wide. Overall, I would say this is a must-have set for every football fan, including the adult ones as well.

17. Lego Art Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe 31197


Lego Marilyn Monroe


This one on my list is a little different Lego model. It is an 18+ Lego set, a Lego set for adults, that features Andy Warhol’s masterpiece, Marilyn Monroe’s pop-art portrait. It is a 4-in-1 Lego model, meaning that you can build 4 variations of the Marilyn Monroe portrait series. The portrait can be displayed on a shelf or put on the wall, as it includes a hanging element. It also includes Andy Warhol’s signature tile. The frame’s area is 15.5 inches (40 cm) squared. This big building kit has 3,341 pieces and could be a nice addition to your home’s gallery. It would be an ideal gift for every adult art lover.

18. Lego Star Wars Mos Eisley Cantina 75290


Lego Star Wars Mos Eisley Cantina


This Lego set was inspired by Star Wars and it was made in cooperation with Disney. With 3,187 Lego pieces, you can build an epic cantina, the hub of underworld activity, which was introduce to the audience in the movie Star Wars: A New Hope. This building kit does not contain only the cantina but also 21 minifigures including the main characters like Luke Skywalker. Han Solo or C-3PO. There are Dewback figure and two Landspeeders inside so you can recreate many scenes.

You can role-play and recreate many of the important scenes – the dark dealings at the bar, action bar scenes, the scene when Han Solo and Greedo met for the last time and much more. I like that the cantina building can be closed and opened so if you close it, you can recreate scenes from the exterior and if you open the building you are able to see the tables and the bar which is perfectly detailed, including glasses or beer tap.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, this article was helpful for you to choose a large Lego set for you or for your kids. And if you wonder which one I would buy, it would be definitely the Lamborghini Sián model, as Technic is my favorite Lego theme and I love sport cars. However, I’m also a Harry Potter fan, so I would seriously consider the Hogwarts Castle set as well. These big Legos look very nice illuminated with Lego light kits, so you can consider adding one to your purchase, too.


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