Brick Popper (Lego Brick Remover) Review

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This time, I have prepared a review of a Lego brick remover tool for you. Yes, you might already have a brick remover, as it comes with some Lego sets. However, this tool is a little different. Continue reading this article to find out why.

This tool was developed to quickly pop apart Lego bricks, other toy bricks, or Mega Blocks that are stuck together. Using it you will prevent broken fingernails. And you won’t have to use butter knives or screwdrivers anymore.

You can use the small groove of this tool to pop bricks apart. Or, it also has a spoke that can be used to pull special bricks off. This can be useful especially for parts that are typical for Lego Technic models like bars.

My personal experience with this tool has been the following: I ordered it from the Brick Popper website and it took 2 weeks to arrive (I’m located in Slovakia and they ship from the US). I ordered two Brick Poppers; one in red and the other one in light green. You can see them in the images below.


Brick Popper Package


I have tried the tool to pop apart some bricks from my Star Wars Stromtrooper Helmet Lego model and I can just confirm that it works very well. I was able to easily pop apart the bricks of this Lego kit. I have also tried it on a Lego Technic set; on my BMW R 1200 GS Adventure Lego motorcycle model. I tried popping apart a bar with the spoke and it went smoothly.

You can also watch this YouTube video that demonstrates how it actually works.

The Brick Popper is currently available in 7 color variations: red, light blue, purple, orange, light green, black and pink. The price is $7.95. Shipping to my country (Slovakia) was $8.95. They ship worldwide. The shipping within the US is $4.95 (a flat rate).


Brick Popper Red


Overall, I can just recommend this small tool for Lego. It is a great product that will definitely come in handy for every Lego fan. You can order it right from Also, here’s a $2 off discount coupon: RHS476.


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