How To Find the Best LEGO Minifigures to Invest in

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LEGO minifigures are simply collectibles. Their rarity, uniqueness, size, and popularity (as characters in known video games, TV shows, movies, and other entertainment spaces) make them perfect collectibles bound to increase in price over time.

Considering LEGO minifigures are produced in limited quantities for each minifigure, and after being retired, they become exceedingly difficult to find, this factor forces them to increase in value over time, creating a great investment opportunity.


Lego Minifigures to Invest in


What’s more, the popularity of LEGO minifigures as investments has increased steadily. Did you know LEGO generated revenues of more than nine billion U.S. dollars in 2022 and  is among the leading brands among American toy consumers? The demand for Lego toys, including minifigures, is huge! But how do you select the best LEGO minifigures to invest in from countless options? Here are the top factors to consider.

Factors to Consider When Investing in LEGO Minifigures

1. Rarity and Exclusivity

This is easily the topmost factor to consider when investing in LEGO minifigures. The rule of demand & supply applies to everything of value. If something is easy to find, it will have little to no value. This applies to LEGO minifigures and collectibles in general. You should consider investing in limited editions only, as those are the most likely to rise in value in the future.

2. Popularity and Demand

The other factor to consider is popularity. People won’t be willing to pay a good price for a LEGO minifigure that is rare, but no one knows about. For this reason, focus on minifigures from famous themes or franchises like Marvel, Harry Potter, Star Wars, etc. that have global popularity. When settling for specific characters, focus on the most famous characters in a set or story, as such minifigures will have more demand. The most popular design will also influence demand.

3. Condition and Packaging

For a LEGO minifigure to consistently grow in value it must stay in mint condition. Minifigures that say in their original package fetch more than damaged ones or those with missing parts. In a nutshell, pay attention to the original packaging and its longevity.

4. Patience

If you successfully purchase exclusive LEGO minifigures from a popular theme and the minifigures are in perfect condition, just be patient. It takes time to turn LEGO minifigures into great investments. This principle is in line with all collectibles. Something can be exclusive, however, it can take several years, a decade or two for demand to increase.

You also need patience to track the value of your minifigures over years, keep your minifigures safely in mint condition to ensure your investment appreciates in value.

How To Choose the Best Minifigures to Invest In

Now that you have the guiding principles of investing in LEGO minifigures, how do you select specific minifigures to buy, where do you buy, how do you preserve your investment, and more?

1. Research and Stay Informed

Knowing that Harry Potter or Star Wars minifigures are the most popular isn’t enough. You need to understand the size of the market and rarity. A combination of a large market and rarity is a perfect recipe for increased value in the long-term. It may take following collectors online on social media, reading online forums for minifigures and related topics, as well as watching auction sites to understand the exact minifigures you should be after.

2. Purchase from Trusted Sources

Investing in minifigures won’t make sense if you don’t buy the actual thing. The lucrative LEGO minifigures market has attracted many unscrupulous players out to cash in quickly. There are countless counterfeit minifigures on sale online, and there’s hardly a foolproof way of confirming you have bought the actual thing until you pay and receive it. To avoid this problem, buy minifigures from reputable sellers only, like Bricklink and BrickOwl.

3. Care and Preservation

As mentioned above, the value of your LEGO minifigures can only rise if you manage to keep the minifigures in mint condition, preferably in their original packaging. Minifigures should be stored in a dry and cool place (free of moisture and direct sunlight). LEGO minifigures bought for investment purposes should also be stored. Playing with them increases the risk of damage which ultimately reduces their value.

4. Purchase Minifigures with Future Cultural Significance

Lastly, it helps to consider the impact minifigures are likely to have. For instance, minifigures from an original Star Wars trilogy are valued higher over years as the franchise gains more popularity. Considering cultural trends and events can therefore dictate which minifigures are likely to be most impactful and, therefore, most valuable.

6 Best LEGO Minifigures To Invest In

So, now that you know what factors to consider, which are the best minifigures to consider investing in today (2023 and beyond)? What are the best Lego Star Wars minifigures? What other minifigures are worth your time?

1. Neymar


Neymar Lego Minifigure


As the name suggests, this Lego minifigure is inspired by famous Brazilian football star Neymar Jr. The minifigure can easily qualify as the coolest LEGO minifigures to date given Neymar’s cool profile as a football star and international celebrity. The minifigure dates back to 2018 and is part of the LEGO Creator expert, Soccer Stadium set. The set is expected to increase in Value in line with Neymar’s popularity and the limited nature of the minifigures.

2. Disney 100


Disney 100th Anniversary Lego Minifigures


This is another special limited edition minifigure. Disney 100 was released last year (2022) to commemorate Walt Disney Company’s 100th anniversary. The set features Mickey Mouse fitted in a special attire and is exclusively available in the magic set. The brand’s fanbase and limited nature makes it a strong buy.

3. Ned B


Ned B Lego Minifigure


This minifigure is inspired by Ned Leeds – the character from Marvel Cinematic Universe. The minifigure dates back to 2021 as part of the No Way Home Set – Marvel Spiderman. The popularity of Marvel Cinematic Universe and Ned Leeds makes it a great buy.

4. Mars Morales


Mars Morales Lego Minifigure


In 2018, this minifigure was released as part of Lego Marvel Spiderman – Homecoming set. It features Miles Morales – the superhero (spider-man) popular among Marvel Comics fans. Miles Morales is also popular in many live-action and animated films.

5. Ponder Baba


Lego Minifigure Ponder Baba


This minifigure is from the Star Wars film – A New Hope. Ponda Baba happens to be the ruthless gangster running a cantina. Ponda Baba minifigure dates back to 2020. The value is expected to rise due to Star Wars’ and Ponda Baba’s popularity.

6. Eloy


Eloy Lego Minifigure


Lastly, we have Eloy, a protagonist of Horizon Zero Dawn video game. The minifigure was released back in 2021 and is set to appreciate in value attributable to Horizon Zero Dawn’s popularity.


There you go! The above information highlights the best Lego minifigures to invest in and other important information like what you should look out for. If you consider research, consider rarity, popularity, purpose to buy from reputable sources only, store the minifigures properly, and be patient, you can rest assured your investment will increase in value over time.


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