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In this article, I’m going to list and briefly review my selection of the top 12 Lego car sets that you can buy. My choice of the car Lego sets includes both more advanced and simpler Lego sets. It also features more exclusive sets like the licensed Lego Technic sports car models, as well as some basic sets. For example, in this list, I have also included the Speed Champions Lego series that is ideal for younger kids.

I have always been a Lego lover (personally, I’m a big fan of Lego Technic) and in this list, I have tried to include the best car sets from more Lego categories. The selection is based on my own personal choices.

Here we go to my reviews:

1. Lego Technic Audi RS Q e-tron 42160


Lego Technic Audi RS Q e-tron


The first LEGO Technic set, I would like to introduce you, is this Audi RS Q e-tron that will surely captivate kids aged 10 and up. It consists of 914 pieces and to build it, you can use the LEGO Builder app, which is much more fun than to work just with paper instructions, as you can view the model in 3D a zoom it in any time you need. The model features special detailed Audi wheels with individual suspension on each of them like in the real car. Once it is constructed, kids can play with the car using the CONTROL+ app.

Dimensions: over 6 in. (15cm) high, 14.5 in. (37cm) long and 7 in. (19cm) wide

2. Lego Technic Peugeot 9X8 24H Le Mans Hybrid Hypercar 42156


Lego Technic Peugeot Le Mans Hypercar


This LEGO set is intended for adult users and was created to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Le Mans race. It is an incredible realistic replica of the real Peugeot in scale 1:10, including hybrid system with V6 piston engine, opening doors, and suspension developed for this particular model. The car is decorated with Peugeot logos and can glow in the dark making it a beautiful piece in the collection of any car-lover. With its 1775 pieces, it provides a challenging building experience, which can be taken to the next level with the LEGO Builder app instructions.

Dimensions: over 5 in. (13cm) high, 19.5 in. (50cm) long and 9 in. (22cm) wide

3. Lego Technic 2022 Ford GT 42154


Lego Technic 2022 Ford GT


Another stunning car, ready to be pridefully displayed within the collection of Lego enthusiasts, is this 1:12 scale model of the Ford GT. It is suitable for more experienced builders over 18 years and it has 1466 pieces, which provide a great deal of attention to the detail. The model features many functionalities of the real car, such as moving pistons on its V6 engine, individual suspension on each of the 4 wheels and you can even adjust the spoiler and open the doors and the hood. An integral part of the model is also digital instructions provided by the LEGO Builder App.

Dimensions: over 3.5 in. (9cm) high, 15 in. (39cm) long and 7 in. (18cm) wide

4. Lego Icons Chevrolet Camaro Z28 10304


Lego Icons Chevrolet Camaro Z28


I cannot fail to mention this vintage car model of the 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 from the LEGO Icons theme. With its 1456 pieces, it is suitable for adults, as it requires more advanced building skills. What I especially like about this model is that it is highly customizable. You can build it as a convertible, or with a hardtop coupe, you can have classic headlights, or you may choose to hide them away. Another way to spice up this car to your liking is to switch its stripes. The options are red, gray, and white. If you are more interested in its technical features and attention to detail, you will not be disappointed. The model comes with V8 engine, functioning steering, opening doors, hood, and even trunk. The car is equipped with a furry dice, a tile with an auto magazine and you can choose from 2 license plates.

Dimensions: over 3.5 in. (10cm) high, 14 in. (36cm) long and 5.5 in. (14cm) wide

5. Lego Technic Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 42115


Lego Technic Lamborghini Sián


This building kit was created in cooperation with Lamborghini and it is just perfect. It is made in vibrant green color with nice vivid details and I really like all the details on the model. The design of the model is elegant and sleek. The model was constructed for supercar fans who will be shocked by the superb detailing.

The building kit contains 3696 bricks, and it is an ideal set for adults. As it is a model from the Lego Technic collection, there are details like the V12 engine with moving pistons or the working eight-speed gearbox. As it is made for adults, the model helps you understand how everything works in the reality. You can see everything under the hood and learn something about the technologies used.

Furthermore, you will get the building kit in a nice box with a collector’s booklet which includes some interesting information like the behind-the-scenes interviews from the Lego and Lamborghini workers who were designing this building set.

6. Lego Technic Ferrari 488 GTE “AF CORSE #51” 42125


Lego Ferrari 488 GTE AF Corse #51


You can build a model which is unlike any other model from Lego. This building kit is a Ferrari car which is famous for its glamorous wins in many different races. As it is part of the Lego Technic, it is made to the tiniest detail and every motorsport fan will be astonished by this model. This collection is ideal for tech-oriented people as many of the components really work so that you can explore them. It is perfect for adults as it is recommended for at least 18-year-olds and it is far from any other Ferrari model.

Immerse yourself into the world of Lego racing car and build an astonishing model which is 5” (13 cm) high, 19” (48 cm) long and 8.5” (21 cm) wide. This model is flawless, and it is perfect to display. Furthermore, it is ideal for collectors and I think it could also be a beautiful gift.

7. Lego Creator Expert Porsche 911 10295


Lego Creator Expert Porsche 911


The next one on this list is an exclusive Porsche replica model. Like most of the sets on my list, this one is not an exception and is officially licensed by the real model manufacturer – in this case, the Porsche company. With this Lego building kit, you can actually build two Porsche models; the 911 Turbo or the 911 Targa (a convertible) model. It is also very detailed; it includes the Porsche logo and 3 unique license plates. Other features include, for example, a flat-six engine (air-cooled), a gearshift, tilting seats, an emergency brake, and working steering.

Recommended for age 18+, this Lego model is an official adult Lego set. If you are an adult Porsche enthusiast & Lego fan, this Lego kit would be an ideal choice for you. It comes in 1,458 parts and the dimensions of the final model are 13.5” (35 cm) long, 4” (10 cm) high, and 6” (16 cm) wide.

8. Lego Technic McLaren Senna GTR 42123


Lego Technic McLaren Senna


This Lego Technic model is a complementary set to the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 42093 Lego set from 2019 (reviewed below). It is more or less of the same size but it has much more stickers (which I personally don’t like very much). But it is still a very nice piece of an automotive McLaren Lego replica. The main features include a working steering wheel, dihedral doors that can be opened, and a cool V8 engine with moving pistons. The engine is located in the center part of the vehicle, right behind the seats.

The whole set consists of 830 pieces, which is a lot more than the Corvette set has (that one has 579 pieces). The color scheme is blue, black, and some gray. It is recommended for age 10+, so it could be an ideal gift for your small son or daughter (if they are at least 10 years old).

9. Lego Technic Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 42093


Lego Technic 42093 Chevrolet Car


This one is a nice replica of the iconic Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 car model. It was developed in partnership with the General Motors company. The model contains 579 pieces and most of them are of the black and orange color. Its main features include low-profile tires with black spoked rims, large rear wing, working steering, 4 tailpipes and a V8 engine with moving pistons. This is a 2-in-1 Lego model that can be rebuilt into a Hot Rod as well. It is suitable for kids that are 9 years old or older. Personally, I have bought myself this Lego building kit and have also written an extended review of this Lego Technic Chevrolet Corvette set. Be sure to check it out if you are interested in this Lego model. I have also taken some nice detailed photos of the model.

10. Lego Creator Expert Ford Mustang 10265


Lego Car Set Ford Mustang


The tenth one on my list is another Lego Creator Expert set. It is an authentic Lego replica of the 1966 Ford Mustang vehicle. This set was developed exclusively in partnership with Ford. The package also includes various accessories using which you can customize the final model. It has a detailed interior and engine. This set consists of 1,471 parts and is recommended for kids of the age of 16+. It is also an ideal Lego car set for teenagers and adults, just like the other sets mentioned above.

11. Lego Speed Champions Ferrari F8 Tributo 76895


Lego Speed Champions Ferrari F8 Tributo


The eleventh one on this list is a small Ferrari supercar Lego set. Actually, this is the simplest set of all these reviews. It is also ideal for smaller kids from the age of 7. It includes a Ferrari-dressed minifigure and comes with 275 bricks, which makes this set the smallest one from this list. If you are a Ferrari enthusiast and you want to choose from more Ferrari Lego sets, I recommend checking out my other article that features the top 4 Ferrari Lego Technic sets. It includes more advanced sets (BTW, I’m a proud owner of the first one mentioned in that article :)).

12. Lego Creator Volkswagen Beetle 10252


Lego Creator Volkswagen Beetle


The last one on this list is a VW Beetle Lego set. The Volkswagen Beetle marks a remarkable part of the world’s automotive history, so I thought that this Lego model is definitely a must-have on this list. The main features of this set include the Beetle’s typical curved fender lines, white rims, flat windscreen, VW logo and V4 engine. This set comes in 1167 pieces and is recommended for the age 16+. And I would also say that if you want to buy a car Lego set for a girl, I would choose this one. 🙂


To wrap this article up, I’d like to mention that I’m both a Lego and a car enthusiast, so writing this article has been a real pleasure for me. I have been playing with Legos since my early childhood. I also studied car design for 3 years at a university.

Lastly, if you wonder which model would be my choice, it would definitely be the Peugeot 9X8 24H Le Mans Hybrid Hypercar set (#2), because I love supercars and the Le Mans racing cars. I’m also a big fan of the Grand Turismo movie that I have seen recently in a cinema. However, I would also consider the set #3, Lego Technic Ford GT, as I really like this Lego model. It looks really good.

UPDATE: I bought the smaller Chevrolet Corvette set (#9 on this list), so that one has been my choice for now.

I hope you have been able to find your favorite model in this list.


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