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This time, I’m going to briefly review a selection of top 7 Lego City police car sets that are currently available for purchase. There are more Lego police sets than just these 7 ones, but I have tried to select the most interesting & best value ones. These are my personal choices. Most of them are recommended for kids of the age 5 years or older. Also, I’d like to note that if you have older kids or you are even looking for a Lego gift for an adult, check out my best car Lego sets list. It includes more advanced Lego sets like, for example, the well-known Lego Technic Porsche 911 race car.

Let’s start with my reviews:

1. Lego City 60246 Police Station


Lego City Police Station Set


The first one on my list is the biggest Lego City police set from all these 6 sets. It includes a building, police car, police motorbike, fire rescue vehicle, police helicopter and 8 various mini-figures that include a dog as well. The whole set contains 743 parts. It is an ideal set for the boys of the age of 6+ years old. This Lego set helps to develop creative thinking and fantasy of children. You can let your kids build the set themselves or you can help them. The whole family can enjoy building it.

2. Lego City 60139 Mobile Command Center


Lego City Police Command Center


The second police Lego City set on my list is a police mobile command center. This set is inspired by city life. It includes a police truck, police motorcycle, quad bike of the criminals with a chain and hook, remote control, the stop traffic sign, handcuffs and 4 mini-figures: 2 policemen, 2 criminals plus a police dog. The main features include satellite dish, jail cell, monitoring room and some more interesting features. This set comes in 374 pieces. It is an ideal set for 6 years old or older kids.

3. Lego City 60239 Police Patrol Car


Lego City Police Car


This particular set is the smallest one on my list, as it contains just a police patrol car. It includes a police car with convertible roof and stickers, a policeman minifigure and two police traffic cones. This simple set consists of 92 pieces and is recommended for kids of the age of 5 years or older. You can combine this Lego model with any other Lego set to create something more interesting.

4. Lego City 60173 Mountain Arrest


Lego City Police Mountain Arrest


The fourth police Lego set on this list is a Mountain Arrest set. The first objective of this set is to find the criminals that are hiding in the mountains. It includes 4 minifigures: policeman, pilot, 2 gangsters and even a hungry bear. It also includes a police helicopter with 2 propellers and the gangsters’ buggy. The whole set contains 303 pieces and is ideal for 5 years old kids or older.

5. Lego City 60210 Sky Police Air Base


Lego Sky Police Air Base


The next one on my list is a very nice set that includes a police station control tower (with 3 levels), a jail cell, a police plane, a working parachute toy, a police motorbike, a jetpack with foldable wings, and a getaway car with hook and chain. This building kit also comes with 6 Lego City minifigures; two police officers, two Sky Police officers, and two crooks. The whole building kit consists of 529 parts and is recommended for kids that are 7 years old or older. Overall, this is a great Lego police toy. What I really like about this set is the working parachute. It is something that is not very common with other Lego models.

6. Lego City Police 60244 Helicopter Transport


Lego City Helicopter Transport


This set on my list is another one that I can nicely imagine my kids playing with. It consists of more vehicles: truck, criminals’ buggy, police motorbike and police helicopter. It also contains 4 minifigures: 2 policemen and 2 criminals. The most interesting feature of this set is the flying ripcord helicopter. It really flies. I believe kids will like these characteristics. This set contains 317 bricks and is recommended for kids of the age 5+, like most of the other sets in this list.

7. Lego City Police 60243 Helicopter Chase


Lego City Police Helicopter Chase


The last one on my list is another police Lego set that includes a helicopter. The set features a helicopter with a strong magnet, van, motorbike and quad bike. It also includes 4 mini-figures: 2 gangsters and 2 policemen. It contains 212 parts and is ideal for kids from the age of 5 years and older. The mini-figures included in this particular Lego set and those from the Lego City TV series.


And this is the end of my Lego City police sets list. I hope you have been able to pick your favorite one from my reviews. If you can’t decide, ask your kids (in case you are not buying a gift). I would suggest the sixth set, as it is not the largest, neither the smallest one from my article. And the ripcord feature of the helicopter is quite unusual in Lego sets, what makes it special. However, I would also consider the first set from this list, as it is the largest one. And I would like to build Lego bricks together with my kids, so more parts would be ideal. 🙂


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