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In this article, I will list and review 6 best Lego dragon sets that you can buy. I will mention 3 dragon Lego models from the Ninjago Lego series and 3 other Lego themes as well. If you are interested particularly in the Ninjago Lego theme, check out my other article where I review the 6 best Lego Ninjago dragon sets (all 6 from the Ninjago theme). And if you like dinosaurs too, you can check my article with best dinosaur Lego sets.

Now, let’s start with my reviews:

Lego Ninjago 71713 Empire Dragon


Lego Ninjago Dragon Set


The first dragon Lego set on my list is a building kit from the Lego Ninjago series. This model is a smaller set with 286 pieces. Besides the dragon, this set includes 3 minifigures as well: the ruler of Prime Empire – Unagami, Digi Lloyd, Digi Jay (the Ninjago characters). It is recommended for kids that are 8 years old or older. The dragon model measures 15 inch (39 cm) long, 5 inch (14 cm) high and 5 inch (14 cm) wide.

Lego Creator 3in1 31102 Fire Dragon


Lego Creator 3in1 Dragon Set


The second one on my list is a Lego Creator model. Like most Lego Creator sets, this one is a 3-in-1 set too. Besides a dragon, this Lego kit can be rebuilt into a scorpion or a saber-toothed tiger as well. It can be a really nice toy for your kids of the ages 7+. The fire dragon measures 12 inch (32 cm) long, 4 inch (11 cm) high and 9 inch (29 cm) wide.

Lego Ninjago 71711 Jay’s Cyber Dragon


Lego Ninjago Cyber Dragon


This set includes a blue posable dragon model and 5 minifigures, the Ninjago Movie characters: Hausner, Digi Nya, Richie, Unagami and Digi Jay. This Lego model can be a nice birthday or holiday gift for your kids. It is recommended for the ages 8+. The dragon’s dimensions are: 15 inch (39 cm) long, 4 inch (12 cm) high and 12 inch (33 cm) wide.

Lego Minecraft 21151 The End Battle


Lego Minecraft Dragon


This building set features an action from the Minecraft video game, the End Battle. It includes a dragon model with posable limbs, an obsidian pillar, an enderman figure and one end crystal that has pop-up functionality. The speciality of this dragon Lego set is an inclusion of a code using which you can redeem a dragon slayer skin in the Minecraft online game – in the Bedrock Edition. If you or your kids like both the Minecraft video game and dragons, this set is ideal for them.

Lego Ninjago Legacy 70679 The Ultra Dragon


Lego Ninjago Ultra Dragon Set


This is the third Ninjago theme set on my list that includes a dragon. Actually it is the smallest one in this list with just 171 bricks. It features a golden dragon with an opening mouth, posable wings, a tail and legs and a hidden stud shooter. You can recreate this set into the epic final battle between Overlord and Golden Ninja Lloyd from the Ninjago Masters TV show.

Lego Harry Potter 75946 Hungarian Horntail Triwizard Challenge


Lego Harry Potter Dragon Set


The last model on my list is a Lego Harry Potter dragon set. It features the Harry Potter movie scene – the Triwizard tournament that includes a Hungarian Horntail dragon. It also includes 4 minifigures: Harry Potter, Cedric Diggory, Fleur Delacour and Viktor Krum. This Lego set can be combined with any other Lego model. It consists of 265 parts and it is an ideal set for all Harry Potter Lego fans who also like dragons.

Here comes the end of my dragon Lego sets reviews. I hope you have been able to choose your favorite dragon Lego set from this list. And if you wonder which one I would choose, it would be the Harry Potter dragon set this time, because I like the design of this dragon best.


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