Lego Harry Potter Hedwig 75979 Review

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I’m a big fan of animals and dinosaur Lego sets too, so I have decided to try this magical white owl Lego model. Actually, this is my first Harry Potter Lego set that I have ever bought. Maybe I will buy some other ones too, as I have enjoyed this one. Below, I will try to write a brief review of this model.

The first thing that surprised me on this Lego building kit was the color of the Lego parts. Yes, most of them are white as the owl is white. However, the stand is of a color that is special for Harry Potter; brown and beige.


Lego Harry Potter Hedwig Front


There are some bricks typical for Lego Technic in this model as well. Especially the mechanism using which you can make the wings move. I find these moving mechanical wings to be a very interesting feature. The way how the gear wheels are connected to create this function is thought out very well. The wings start moving when you turn the handle that is located on the model’s stand.


Lego Harry Potter Hedwig Box


It took me 2 hours to assemble this model completely. I really enjoyed the building process, especially building the mechanics with gear wheels that make the moving wings work. I personally really like functions like this one because I’m a big fan of Lego Technic, which is my favorite Lego theme. And in Technic models you have many functions like this one.

The whole set consists of 630 parts. Respectively, most of them are white, brown, and beige. The white parts are for the owl model and the brown & beige parts are for the stand.

This Lego set also includes 2 minifigures; Harry Potter with his magic wand and a small Hedwig minifigure as well. There are only 4 stickers for this set; one is the Hedwig plate on the front part of the stand and the other 3 ones are for the letter with the red seal that Hedwig is holding.

This Lego model is nice to display on your office table or your home desk, similar to the Star Wars Stormtrooper helmet Lego set, which I have reviewed recently.

The dimensions of this model are 8“ (20 cm) long and 7” (17 cm) tall. The wings can span up to 13” (35 cm). It is recommended for 10-year-old kids or older.

To conclude this review, I can say that if your child is a Harry Potter fan or if he (or she) likes animal Lego models, this Lego kit would be an ideal gift for him (or her). Or even for an adult like myself, it could be an ideal Birthday gift.


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