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The best LEGO Harry Potter sets are inventive, magical, and nostalgia filled. There’s no questioning why the theme is one of LEGO’s best performing IPs, only after Star Wars really, and it’s mostly thanks to the fact the Wizarding World is now so well recognised.

After LEGO began establishing brand partnerships in 1999, the LEGO Star Wars theme was the main attraction. That was until Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was released in 2001. The Potter frenzy exploded, fast, and still to this date, its popularity hasn’t stopped.

A total of 138 sets have been released over the years, and though they’re not all in production now, it’s still not easy to pick the absolute best of them all. Luckily, having spent most of my early childhood immersed in Death Eater minifigures and Acromantula models, I know a thing or two about LEGO Harry Potter.

These are the best LEGO Harry Potter sets

There’s seven core Harry Potter books, alongside a few spin-offs and then the films. We’re going to be offering up a selection of sets that encompass each of the key moments within the fictional universe. The entries on this list demanding a slightly higher asking price are totally worth the investment, especially considering how the price of LEGO increases over time relating to brand popularity.

1. 76415 LEGO Harry Potter The Battle of Hogwarts


Lego Harry Potter The Battle of Hogwarts


The denouement of the entire Harry Potter series has been transformed into a fantastic LEGO set, sure to appeal to all fans. Released in early 2023, the set contains 730 pieces and has a rather petite footprint.

It’s a brilliant mid-range and entry-level set for any curious in finding what LEGO Harry Potter is all about, and the fact that it’s not going to cost anywhere near as much as the top-tier HP sets is also a huge bonus.

The only criticism of the 76415 Battle of Hogwarts set is the absence of a Ron Weasley Minifigure, which would render it near perfect.

2. 76405 LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Collector’s Edition


Lego Hogwarts Express Train Set


The LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Collector’s Edition is one of the most expensive LEGO sets out there, especially within the Harry Potter theme. There’s enough complexity and pieces included in the 76405 set to compare it to some of the UCS kits we’ve seen from LEGO Star Wars.

The set is in a 1:32 scale, and each compartment of the train is carefully detailed to include scenes from the series inside. There are 5,129 pieces, alongside Technic pieces that will give the train-set a much needed element of dynamic movement.

3. 76417 LEGO Harry Potter Gingrotts Wizarding Bank Collector’s Edition


Lego Harry Potter Gringotts Wizarding Bank


Another LEGO set to rival even that of the Hogwarts Express is this version of Gringotts Wizarding Bank. The set seems to be set in and around the eighth film, during which Harry, Ron, and Hermione perform a bank heist before escaping on the back of the dragon. With 4,801 pieces to build this from, the final model is intricately detailed, modular, and features an extremely welcome addition of a dragon too.

There’s also 13 minifigures included – making this a great set for anyone interested in investing in LEGO minifigures. I absolutely love LEGO sets in which you have entirely modular parts. Not only can the top of the bank and the vault be detached, but their contrasting colour palettes and thematic structures make this an incredibly eye catching LEGO set.

4. 76421 LEGO Harry Potter Dobby the House Elf


Lego Harry Potter Dobby the House Elf


While a few of the other sets included in this list have been drastically more expensive, it’s quite fitting that this Dobby set is a little bit more affordable and budget, as a house elf would be.

The final build is surprisingly classy considering the price, and it’s the kind of presentation you’d expect from the LEGO Star Wars Helmets collections and display ships, so the black plinth Dobby is placed does wonders for the set. Alongside that, the actual figure itself is highly detailed and accurate to the source material, with a cream cake on the side harking back to those nostalgic scenes in The Chamber of Secrets. It’s just a shame that it doesn’t come with a LEGO Dobby Minifigure, which would have been a great flourish.

5. 75968 LEGO Harry Potter 4 Privet Drive House and Ford Anglia Flying Car


Lego Harry Potter Privet Drive


This is an especially famous scene from Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets, during which the Weasley brothers break Harry out of his locked room. It’s especially well paired with the Dobby the House Elf set mentioned before, especially considering the character is responsible for Harry’s confinement.

The set actually features a Dobby minifigure too, alongside Harry, Ron, and the Dursleys. There’s plenty of moving parts in the set, despite the general simplicity in its design. I’d say this is definitely better aimed towards younger audiences than AFOLs.

6. 71043 LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle


Big Harry Potter Lego Model


For me, the ultimate LEGO Harry Potter set has to be of Hogwarts itself. Though this set was released in 2018, there’s little chance of it being retired soon. As the flagship Harry Potter set for the theme, no LEGO collection is complete without the inclusion of this one.

The grounds of Hogwarts are the setting for the film’s epic narrative, and there are little details interspersed throughout the set that reflect these moments. Hagrid’s Cabin, The Whomping Willow, the Dragon, and the rowboats all feature, while there’s also giant nooks and crannies filled with extra detail on the back.

Umbridge’s Office, panel’s printed with Tom Riddle’s warnings, The Chamber of Secrets itself, and so many other hidden details are found within this Hogwarts Castle set, and the set features over 6,000 pieces to obsess over.

For me, this is the ultimate LEGO Harry Potter set, and nothing else will come close.

While I could talk about the best LEGO Harry Potter sets all day, instead I’ve laid out the six I consider the absolute best for a range of budgets, complexities and audiences. As one of the more popular LEGO themes, like LEGO Star Wars, there’s a vast history of choices to sift through.

AFOLs will be happy with the inclusion of many of the larger sets, while there’s also enough options to keep younger audiences happy too. Ultimately, personal choice is going to dictate the top choices, especially since nostalgia plays such a large part.


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