Lego Light Kit for Eiffel Tower Set – Lightailing (Review)

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This time, I will be reviewing something different than a Lego set. Yes, of course, it has something in common with Lego, but it won’t be a Lego set directly. It will be a light kit for Lego. To be exact, the light kit for the Lego Architecture 21019 Eiffel Tower set.

I have bought this Lego light kit from a company called Lightailing and I will try to give you a brief overview of how it actually works.


Lightailing Eiffel Tower Lego Light Kit


The packaging includes a nice small black cardboard box in which you will find the light kits with cables and the instructions for your particular Lego model. I should also note that they sell light kits for various Lego sets and many different Lego themes. So, I believe you will be able to find a light kit for your favorite Lego model.

You can see how the packaging looks like on the images below. All the parts of the light kit are sealed in small plastic bags, including the installation guide.


Lightailing Lego Light Kit Packaging Box


Lightailing Lego Light Kit Packaging


Lightailing Lego Light Kit Content


Depending on a particular light kit, they also often include some additional Lego bricks or even Lego bricks that have the lighting system built inside them, like it is in this case.

The instructions explain the installation of the light kit nicely in detail. I must also say that it was easier to install this light kit than it was with the Lego Technic Ducati Panigale light kit that I also bought (from a different company). It took me around 30 minutes to mount it. Also, be careful not to cut the cables, as they are very thin.

The lighting experience of this Lego light kit is very nice. It lightens the tower model from the bottom and the inside of the construction. When I showed it to my friends, they were amazed. They started asking me where I bought it and how it works. So, I gladly explained everything in detail to them.

The lights use LED technology. You will also need three AA batteries as the power source for the light kit (the batteries are not included). Just insert them into the battery box and turn on the lights. You can see on the images below how it looks like on the Eiffel Tower Lego set.

The only disadvantage that I could mention was the shipping time. It was shipped from China and it took 3 weeks to arrive (I’m located in Slovakia). However, the final result was well worth the waiting.

If you are giving this light kit as a gift to children who are less than 6 years old, you will need to help them with the installation, because it contains small parts, there is a choking hazard.

You can purchase a light kit for your Lego set on the Lightailing website. And here is a 10% discount coupon: BE10POFF. The Lightailing company was founded in 2014 and besides this Lego Eiffel Tower light kit, they sell many other ones. On their website, you will find, for example, the light kits for all popular large Lego Star Wars or Harry Potter sets.


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