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What I like about Lego MOC in general is that these sets are created by Lego fans and thus provide a unique building experience and even some space for your creative freedom. Although it may be sometimes harder to get all the pieces you need, there is an extra level of satisfaction after finishing such a build compared to when you have everything well prepared and organized with standard Lego sets. This Webrick & Arq collaboration would be a treat not only for Lego enthusiasts, but also for history lovers as it brings to life the iconic U-Boat Type VIIC in the form of a stunning building set.


Lego MOC Ship - Webrick


The U-Boat Type VIIC holds a significant place in history, as it was one of the most widely used submarines during World War II. With its elegant design and formidable capabilities, it played a crucial role in the German Navy’s war efforts. Now, thanks to Webrick and Arq, Lego enthusiasts can recreate this legendary vessel right in the comfort of their own homes.

The U-Boat model is designed by Arq that is also the provider of the instructions for the construction. You will obtain them in a PDF form and can easily print them at home or read them directly from your laptop or tablet and thus save some paper and help our planet 😊. The design was created in and the model can be built with real Lego pieces, or with some other bricks that are Lego compatible. When you want to get them, the easiest way is to visit the Webrick’s site, where you can buy this exact set and you do not need to visit various shops to acquire all the necessary pieces. With Webrick you even have the possibility of replacing the missing and damaged parts for free.

The model is the replica of the original U-Boat as true to scale as possible (1:55). Once it is constructed, you can view its fully furnished interior rooms by removing 5 side walls. In the front, there is a torpedo room. This is followed by a room with bunkbeds, a listening room, and a radio room, where you can even find a little enigma. In the middle of the U-Boat, there is a command center and a mini periscope. Then, there is again another room with bunkbeds and a kitchen. At the end of the U-Boat are diesel engines, which are connected to the propellers. The only room that could not be recreated due to the lack of space, was the final room in the stern, which would otherwise contain electric motors and the rear torpedo tube.

The exterior of the U-Boat is equally impressive. Again, it is very detailed and accurately captures the look and feel of the original U-Boat. The conning tower features a rotating periscope and 88 mm deck gun. On the deck you can also find various hatches and equipment as on the real U-Boat.

The MOC-139272 set boasts an impressive 4,742 pieces, providing builders with a challenging yet rewarding experience as it is intended for more experienced builders. According to Webrick’s site, the estimated time required to build this model is 24-72 hours, which depends on your building skills and amount of enthusiasm involved. The finished replica is very stable with its weight of around 4 kg and dimensions of 120 cm/47″ in length, 12 cm/4.7″ in width, and 28 cm/11″ in height.

The collaboration between Webrick and Arq has once again produced a masterpiece that pushes the boundaries of Lego building. The final product is worthy to be displayed as a beautiful work of art, but it can also serve educational purposes allowing you to learn about and appreciate this important part of history.


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