Lego Speed Champions 76898 Jaguar Formula E & I-Pace

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Lego is starting to be more and more famous for its car models. Their Technic collection is nowadays really popular among adults, but what about kids? Being a child, it is too complicated to build Lego Technic, so they have made easier kits for kids – the one we have chosen for this review is the set Lego Speed Champions Formula E Panasonic Jaguar Racing GEN2 car & Jaguar I-PACE eTrophy.


Lego Jaguar Formula E & Jaguar I-Pace


This building kit was made in cooperation with Jaguar and it is made of 565 pieces which makes it suitable for all children above eight years. The box contains five bags with Lego bricks for building a race start line and two cars – Formula E Panasonic Jaguar Racing Generation 2 car and Jaguar I-PACE car – both vehicles are in really nice blue color. Furthermore, in the package you will get two racer figures which are Jaguar-branded.

Building both, the start line and the cars, is fairly easy and manageable for everyone. The only part of the building stage which can be bit of a problem are the stickers. This kit contains lots of stickers and many of them are of a small size, so it is hard to stick them properly.

The start line has light elements which simulate the start line in real races. It is nicely detailed, and it is fun playing with it. Also, the cars are well-built having nice cockpits for all different drivers. This building kit’s cars are of bigger size than normally the cars from this collection which makes them perfect playing with.

Suitable for both – playing at home or playing when traveling – they simulate the real racing and playing with them is enjoyable for all children. It doesn’t depend whether your child is boy or girl – it is simply perfect for everyone.

In conclusion, the building kit is a good substitute of Lego Technic for children. At a reasonable price point, you will get a lot of fun and the children will enjoy playing with it for long hours.


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