Lego Technic 2018 Sets – Bigger Models

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In this article, I’m going to list and briefly review the four bigger 2018 Lego Technic sets (that have more than 500 parts).

Here we go to my list:

Lego Technic 42075 First Responder


Lego Technic 42075 First Responder


The first 2018 set on my list is a replica of a fire department SUV. This set has 513 pieces out of which most are of the red and gray color. The features of this fire department Lego Technic vehicle include opening doors, chunky tires on black wide rims and spot lamps on the roof. The dimensions of the model are 10” long, 4” wide and 4” high. This set is ideal for kids of the age 9-16. The B model is a fire racer.

Lego Technic 42076 Hovercraft


Lego Technic 42076 Hovercraft


The second one on my list is a hovercraft set. It has 1020 parts and the set consists of a hovercraft and a small expedition truck with a removable cargo container. The features of this set include working steering, spinning fans and the expedition truck. The dimensions of the hovercraft are 15” long, 7” high and 6” wide. It is suitable for the ages 9-16. The B model is a jet boat.

Lego Technic 42077 Rally Car


Lego Technic Set 2018


My favorite 2018 Technic set on this list is this one, the 42077 rally car. I like sports cars, so this set would be my choice. It consists of 1005 parts of the blue, white and red color. The features include features that are typical for a Lego Technic sports car, like for example: engine with moving pistons (V6), opening doors and hood, suspension and working steering. The dimensions of the car are 16” long, 9” high and 8” wide. This set is ideal for the ages 10-16 and the B model is a buggy.

Lego Technic 42078 Mack Anthem


Lego Technic 2018 Set Mack Anthem


The last 2018 Lego Technic set on my list is the largest one, with 2595 pieces. They are of the gray, white and green color. The features include an I6 engine, opening doors and a fifth wheel. The trailer has 2 cranes and 2 outriggers. This set is suitable for kids of the age 11 to 16 years old. The B model is a Mack LR garbage truck.

And this is the end of my 2018 big Technic sets. I hope you will find your favorite one from all these sets.


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