Lego Technic 8262 Quad-Bike Review

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This is a Lego Technic set from the year 2009. It contains 308 bricks and most of them are of white, black and gray colors. In the pack there are also various stickers which will make the final look of the motorbike. It is for kids of the age 9-16 years and it won’t take you long to build it as there are not so many pieces. It is also ideal for beginners who want to start with Lego Technic.


Lego Technic Quad Bike


The quad bike model has dual suspension in the front and one in the back of the bike. This quadbike uses three suspensions to absorb all the bumps in the terrain and it makes it ideal dune buggy or off roader bike. It also has a working V2 engine that is connected with the rear wheels. I also like some other details like massive tires or a really good steering system.

This whole Lego Technic set does not have many details as there are not so many bricks and mainly you will find some stickers included that will make the model more original and look like it is showed on the packaging.

The alternative set is a dune buggy. However, unfortunately it has no details like headlights, no steering wheel, no seats and no door that would open due to the limited number of pieces of this set. But it is still looking good. So the model of dune buggy is nice, but if you appreciate more details and like more bricks, you should pick this one.


Lego Quad Bike


Both models have nice mechanics in them and are pretty easy to build as both have less than 400 bricks. It is a neat set. If I had kids, I would buy this set for my son as a small gift. You or your kid(s) should definitely enjoy the build of this set and it won’t take you much of your time.

To sum up, I would definitely like to say that even though the set has not so many bricks included, you will build a nice model with quite a lot of details if we take in mind how many pieces there are.

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