Lego Technic 8296 Dune Buggy Review

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This is an older Lego Technic set from January 2008, but you can still get it as a brand-new item. It is a rather small Lego set as it contains just 199 pieces and the recommended age for this set is 8-14 year old. The color of the bricks is mainly blue, black and gray and there are no additional stickers which would make the final look of the model better.


Lego Technic Dune Buggy


Although this set does not contain many bricks, there are some interesting details which I would like to mention. For example, one feature of this Lego model is that you can control the steering either using the steering wheel in front of the seat or by the black gearwheel on the top of the vehicle. Among other details there are nice tires ideal in the terrain or it also has a small working V2 engine at the back of the buggy.

I personally really like this set a lot even though the building kit has just 199 bricks. The reason why I like it so much is because there is an alternative model that you can build of this dune buggy car Lego set – you can actually build a model of tractor, so this building kit is 2 in 1. There are no minifigures included in this Lego building kit, as it is usual in the most of Lego Technic sets.


Lego Dune Buggy


This Lego Technic toy won’t take you much of your time and it is a perfect gift for you children. It is ideal for smaller kids who want to build a car but it has to be simple to construct for them to manage it.

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