Lego Technic BMW Motorcycle B Model – Hovercraft

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Lego Technic is ideal for adults and older children. If you like their Lego Technic kits, you will definitely like this one – Lego Technic 42063 BMW R 1200 GS Adventure. It is a great building kit, which is 2 in 1, meaning that you can build either the motorcycle itself or a unique concept model of hovercraft created in cooperation with BMW Motorrad designers.


Lego Technic BMW Hovercraft


In this article, I would like to focus on the hovercraft model. Some people find it amazing; others think it may be a little bit crazy, but everyone would definitely like to try such a hover bike. Lego wanted to build a replicate of the legendary BMW model and they decided to also incorporate this special model into their building kit.

They asked BMW if they can help them with this and BMW give them a training unit composed of young people to cooperate with them. Lego wanted something extra to boost the whole building kit and they when they saw a life-size concept of the hover bike from the BMW Junior Company Munich, they decided to recreate this concept with the help of the Lego bricks.


Lego Technic BMW Motorcycle Box


This Lego building kit is composed of 603 pieces and you will be able to build both models – the original one but also this exciting hovercraft which is worked out perfectly into every little detail. It has a propeller to work as a hovercraft. It has just everything a hovercraft would probably need in the real world. It is a perfect and really unique model which you have never seen before. It is just ideal for all the fans of German cars and motorcycles such as BMW.

Furthermore, this Lego sets contains a special Lego brick which is ideal for collectors. They decided to add this brick for the Lego Technic 40th anniversary, so that collectors can remember this special moment with the help of this building kit.

Below you can see some more photos of this Lego set that I have made (I own this Lego Technic set and have just finished building the hovercraft model). And if you would like to read my other reviews of various other Lego sets, just check out the blog section of this website.


Lego Technic BMW Hovercraft 2


Lego Technic BMW Hovercraft 3


Lego Technic BMW Hovercraft Engine


Lego Technic BMW Hovercraft Bottom


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