8 Best Lego Trucks Sets

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In this article, I will be reviewing the top 8 Lego trucks sets that you can buy. I will mention some Lego Technic trucks sets, one Lego City truck model and one Lego Creator truck building kit. And I will write about both typical highway trucks and monster trucks, too.

If you also like normal cars or sport cars, I recommend you to check out my other article that reviews the best car Lego sets that are currently available on the market. That list includes the exclusive large Lego Technic sports car models as well.

Now let’s start with my reviews:

1. Lego Technic Mack Anthem 42078


Lego Technic Mack Anthem


I will start off my list with the largest & highest-value model. It is an authentic Lego truck Technic set that was developed in partnership with the Mack company. This Lego truck set consists of 2,595 parts. The model features a realistically designed bodywork, detailed driver’s cab, six cylinder engine with moving pistons, rear wheel drive and front-axle steering. Other features include landing legs, a container with lockable doors and detachable trailer with extendable outriggers. The set can be rebuilt into a B model, which is a Mack LR Lego garbage truck. This set is ideal for older kids (from the age of 11 years), like most large Lego Technic kits.

2. Lego Technic Heavy-duty Tow Truck 42128


Big Lego Technic Truck Set


Sometimes the best way how to introduce the world of engineering to young teens is to let them experience the play with real mechanical toys rather than just to read some books about it. This model is full of realistic features providing kids aged 11+ a great learning tool as well as a fun activity for some quality time with their parents. With 2017 pieces this is definitely not a boring build. When you look inside, you can find the 6-cylinder inline engine and observe the moving pistons. Some other features include a rotating crane arm, functional winch, outriggers, and boom. Furthermore, it also comes with the pneumatic pump enabling its various lifting functions.

Dimensions: over 8.5 in. (22cm) high, 23 in. (58cm) long and 5.5 in. (14cm) wide

3. Lego Technic Stunt Show Truck & Bike 42106


Lego Stunt Show Truck


This one is a smaller truck Lego Technic set ideal for younger kids. It features a truck, a trailer, a pull-back motorbike, and a ring of fire that can be used for stunt-action fun. It is also a 2-in-1 model that can be rebuilt into a Stadium Truck. If you want your kids to start with the Lego Technic theme but they are still too young, I recommend this exact set because it is a medium-sized one with 610 pieces, and is recommended from the age of 8. Including the ring of fire, the final model is 11″ (28 cm) high and 7″ (18 cm) wide. This building kit would be an ideal Lego model for all kids that like action and adventure.

4. Lego Creator 3in1 Shuttle Transporter 31091


Lego Shuttle Transporter Set


This Lego truck and trailer set includes a typical American truck that is transporting a space shuttle. It is a smaller set recommended for kids of the age 7 years and older. This Lego set can be rebuilt into 3 models: the first one is a shuttle transporter, the second is a helicopter transporter and the third one is a car with caravan. This set includes 341 Lego bricks and is ideal for both boys and girls who like trucks.

5. Lego Technic Car Transporter 42098


Lego Technic Truck Set


Another one on my list is a third truck Lego Technic set on my list. This time it is a little smaller model that the first one mentioned in this list. But still, it is pretty big, as it comes with 2,493 pieces. The main features of this cool truck Lego model are tilting driver’s cab, working steering, V8 piston engine and adjustable car decks that can be transformed into upper and lower levels. This Lego Technic building kit is recommended for kids of the age 11+ and is compatible in scale with the Lego Technic 42093 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 set. So if you consider buying this set, you can add the Corvette set to it and you will have two cars to transport.

6. Lego Technic Concrete Mixer Truck 42112


Lego Concrete Mixer Truck


This one is another Lego Technic set. It was released in summer 2020. This truck model will allow you to mix the concrete and unload it as well. It features realistic details like working pistons, which you can see when you open the cab doors. This Lego kit could teach your children how these mechanical vehicles work in reality. If this is something that you would like to teach your kids with Lego, also check out my other article in which I have reviewed the top Lego Technic sets with mechanical functions.

The mixer truck model is 16 inches (42 cm) long and 7 inches (19 cm) high. It is recommended for kids that are 10 years old or older. The whole model includes 1,163 bricks and comes in nice dark blue color. It could be an ideal gift for every boy or girl who likes construction toys.

7. Lego Technic 4×4 X Treme Off Roader 42099


Lego Monster Truck Set


The next one reviewed on my list is another Lego Technic truck set. But this time it is not a Lego road truck, but a Lego Monster Truck set. It is another big Lego Technic model that contains 958 parts in total. Moreover, this is a remote control model that you can control remotely via a mobile app. It can be an ideal birthday or Christmas gift for every boy. The motorized extreme off-roader can be operated with the Lego Technic Control app. The main features of this set are huge wheels with chunky tires, tough suspension and super-precise control (through the mobile app). The model measures are: 12 inches (33 cm) long, 7 inches (19 cm) high and 8 inches (22 cm) high. It is a really great-value set for all kids that like monster trucks.

8. Lego Technic 42043 Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245


Lego Technic Set with Pneumatics


And the last one on my list is another truck Lego Technic model. It is a great set that contains 2,793 parts. The features of this model include a 6-cylinder engine with moving pistons, double differential drive, fully independent suspension and twin axle steering. It also includes a large motor and advanced pneumatic system. This building kit is a European lorry model and was designed in partnership with the Mercedes-Benz motor company. It is ideal for 11-16 year old kids or for adults.


To conclude this small list, I’d like to say that I pretty much enjoyed writing it, as I like everything that has 4 wheels. 🙂 I’m a big cars fan. And if you wonder which one of these sets I would choose and which one I highly recommend, it is the set #5, Lego Technic Car Transporter. And I would add the orange Chevrolet Corvette set to it as well (it is mentioned in the #5 set’s description). Just to have more fun and a little bit of diversity. However, if you are buying a gift for younger kids, I would consider the #3, Lego Technic Stunt Show Truck & Bike, too. Also, as you may already know from my other articles, my favorite Lego theme is Technic. So when I’m shopping for Legos, I mostly end up with Technics.

I hope this article will help you to choose the right truck Lego sets for your kid(s) or even for you.


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