Lego Light Kit for Harry Potter Hedwig – Vonado (Review)

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Today I will be reviewing another Lego light kit, particularly for my Harry Potter Hedwig Lego model. This time I bought it from Vonado and in this blog post, I will try to briefly summarize how my experience with it has been.


Vonado Lego Light Kit Harry Potter Hedwig


It took 3 weeks to ship the package to me (I’m located in Slovakia). Shipping to some other countries is faster though. It was shipped from China. The package comes in a nice plastic bag (you can see how the packaging looks like in my photos below). The parts are divided into smaller transparent plastic bags. The packaging also includes a paper card with a QR code for the installation instructions (when you scan it with your mobile, you will get a URL for the instructions).


Vonado Lego Light Kit Packaging


Vonado Lego Light Kit Packaging Opened


I found the instructions quite complicated, as it was not so easy to mount the kit to the Lego model, but this is the case with other Lego light kits, too. Some kits for certain Lego sets might be easier to mount, others more difficult. However, every step was well explained in the instructions, which also included images. It took me 1 hour and 10 minutes to mount it to the Hedwig Lego model.

Unlike other Lego light kits that I have reviewed, this kit doesn’t come with a box for the batteries, but just a USB cable. You can plug it into your PC and the light kit will turn on. And as you can see in the images below, this light kit has two colors: blueish and yellowish, too. The lights on the tale are lightened with a blue color, while the wings and the head are lighted with the yellow color.

Also, be very careful with the cables, because they are very thin (in order not to be very visible). So make sure you don’t cut them. And the tweezers will definitely come in handy, too. The light kit is not suitable for kids under 3 years of age, because it contains small parts.

To conclude this article, I can say that the Harry Potter Hedwig is a very nice Lego set and together with this light kit, it can look really interesting illuminated at night. You can get yourself this light kit from the Vonado website. Besides light kits, they sell Lego MOCs as well. They have a very wide range of them.


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