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Today I will be reviewing a Lego MOC that I have built recently. Actually, this was the first MOC that I have ever built. And I will explain below how it was.

It was different than building an original Lego. What I didn’t like was that the parts were in plastic bags that didn’t have numbers on them. So, it took me a lot of time to build this Lego model, as I spent lots of time searching for certain parts. However, this may not be the case with every Lego MOC.


MOC Mercedes-Benz 300SL Featured Image


It didn’t include a box either. For the instructions, I just got a card with a QR code, which when scanned, I was able to download a PDF with the instructions. So, I downloaded it into my tablet and was reading the instructions from there. This was not any problem at all.

It took me roughly 5 hours and 30 minutes to completely build this Mercedes MOC. I think that it is quite a lot for a model like this one. As I said, it could be much less if the bags with parts were numbered. The building process was pretty easy though.

The main features of this Mercedes roadster Lego model include an opening hood, an opening bonnet, and opening doors. Under the hood, you will also find a V6 engine.

Now, I should also mention where I got the parts from. I bought them from Webrick. They are not an official Lego parts seller, but they sell bricks that are compatible with Lego. Actually, you won’t find a difference between the original Lego parts and the ones from Webrick. The feeling of building with these bricks was almost like with the original Lego.

They provide bricks with rich types and colors (basically a collection of all types of bricks in China and even some colors that Lego does not have). They provide a more convenient and efficient way to place orders (batch orders) and the customers do not need to go to many shops to find bricks. The website is also constantly upgrading its functions and enriching the brick inventory. The purpose is to provide a better buying experience for MOC enthusiasts and designers.

Finally, I’d like to say that building this Lego MOC has been a new challenge and a different experience for me. I’m glad that I could try something new. There are countless possibilities when it comes to Lego MOCs. Also, below, you can check out some photos of the Mercedes model that I have taken.


MOC Mercedes-Benz 300SL 01


MOC Mercedes-Benz 300SL 02


MOC Mercedes-Benz 300SL 03


MOC Mercedes-Benz 300SL 04


MOC Mercedes-Benz 300SL 05


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